Why should I consider anti-slip treatment for my slippery floors?

It is estimated that 85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors (Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets 5th edition). Slip-and-fall accidents are the leading cause of visits to the ER and are the leading cause of all accidental deaths in homes each year. We can help prevent these slips and falls with our range of products for almost all surface types.

Does the anti-slip treatment change the look of my floors?

We offer a wide variety of treatments and coatings to treat almost any floor. Our unique treatment for tiles and porcelain bathtubs offers effective anti-slip protection with minimal to no change in the appearance of your floors. Tell us about your flooring surface so we can recommend a solution!

How long before I can walk on the floor?

Dry times for our coatings vary by surface type and conditions. Our treatment for tiles and natural stone requires no dry time and can be walked on immediately following the anti-slip treatment. Call us for more details.

Do you provide a warranty?

After application, we offer a two-year warranty as long as the surface is properly cleaned and maintained.

Is special maintenance required after application?

After application, most floors do not require any special cleaning regime to maintain slip-resistance. Environments such as commercial kitchens require the use of products that eliminate grease and prevent buildup that could reduce slip resistance. We can recommend a cleaning regime and also offer maintenance plans at additional cost.

Will having anti-slip treatments or coatings on my floors affect my insurance rates?

We recommend that you consult with your insurance agent to determine how application of our anti-slip treatments and coatings may help lower liability insurance rates.

How much does an application cost?

Costs vary depending on flooring type, square footage and conditions. Ask us for a free quote and demo!